‘We love our College’

October 28, 2019

Staff and students from the College of West Anglia’s Cambridge campus have held a series of events from 14-18 October to celebrate Colleges Week.

The day-long Love Our Colleges fair included saw students, staff – and even animals – engage in wide range of activities.

Students were able to fill in some of the reasons why they loved their college. One student said he loved his college because ‘it supports me to achieve my dreams’ and another commented ‘I love my college because it cares about the environment’.

Other activities during the week included a cross-college debate on topics such as fairer funding and how college builds employability.

The Love Our Colleges fair was held to support the nationwide Association of Colleges (AoC) initiative, Colleges Week. The aim of the week is to encourage students and staff involvement to highlight all the fantastic work colleges do, both internally and in the wider community to push the government for fairer funding for the FE community.

CWA Principal David Pomfret said: “Colleges already contribute so much to the fabric of people’s lives, working in partnership with schools, the wider community and businesses to offer education and training where everyone can achieve. I am delighted by the amount of support staff and students have shown during Colleges Week and I hope it will help us in our nationwide-push for fairer funding in FE.”

Colleges across England educate and train 2.2 million people every year and there is a growing acceptance that their role is vital in improving the country’s productivity and reducing the nation’s growing skills gap.