Cambridge Green Business Grants: further advice

As part of your application, we want to help you with the ongoing journey to net zero.

Many resources are available to support your business in reducing carbon emissions. Here are examples of a few to explore:

  1. Compare Your Footprint is a carbon footprint calculation and benchmarking tool designed for businesses to calculate the carbon footprint of their entire operation more easily and comprehensively.
    Compare Your Footprint
  2. Spherics integrates with existing accountancy software to visualise the carbon impact of your business:
  3. The SME Climate Hub is a global initiative in climate action and building business resilience. Curated tools and resources specifically for the SME community. Learn more and make your commitment today: UK – SME Climate hub (
  4. Allia run a series of free programmes and workshops for businesses, charities and social enterprises in Cambridgeshire. Training and networking opportunities around Net Zero will be launched in 2022.
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  5. Cambridge City Council provide a link to carbon reduction calculation schemes that businesses might want explore. Climate change and sustainability – Cambridge City Council