Acknowledging our community during Covid-19

July 5, 2021

Beacon Wealth Group show their respects to their local community by offering a peaceful place of reflection in St Neots Riverside Park.

To celebrate the local community’s unity, to say thank you and show their support to those affected during these unprecedented times, Beacon Wealth Group announced back in January that they were going to arrange to place a special bench in St Neots Riverside.

Following this announcement Beacon Wealth Group asked the public to choose the design of the bench via a public pole on social media. The winning design won with 67 per cent of the vote.

Following the success of Beacon’s public vote the Council decided to order more of these benches and have started situating them around Priory Park and St Neots Riverside Park.

Molly Ward, Open Spaces Officer, said: “We really liked Beacon’s idea of being able to provide the public a special place to rest and reflect after this past year and a half, and decided to continue this throughout our local parks. We love that the local community have themselves chosen the design and are enjoying watching them being out in the open spaces using them.”

Tony Larkins, Beacons Managing Director, said: “The pandemic has been hard on everyone, in many different ways, and if this can bring a little bit of light to a dark situation then it will have been worth it.”

The bench features a blue butterfly with a special plaque which reads ‘This bench has been placed here by Beacon Wealth Group to symbolise the strength in our community during the Covid-19 pandemic’.