Cambridge Social Media Day 2020 (now a two-day virtual event)

October 23, 2020

Freelancers, small business owners and charities can learn how to make the most of digital marketing and build online communities at a two-day virtual conference next month.

Cambridge Social Media Day has been held in the city for the past two years, attracting hundreds of attendees. This year the organisers have made it a virtual event and will focus on helping people make the most of building their businesses online.

Grow your network of social media contacts

Founder Lenka Koppová said: “Even though it’s an online conference, we’re really trying to make sure that we maintain the things that people really love about our past in-person events, which is a lot focus on the personal connections with people networking, connecting with your fellow entrepreneurs, and business owners who are on a similar journeys to yours.

“One thing that we are really putting effort into is prior to the event, some informal networking opportunities for people to start getting to know each other. And during the day, we will have more networking opportunities. We will have an opening breakfast, coffee mornings, after parties with live music, and we will have some facilitated sessions. It’s not just lots of great content, it’s also about where you will be sitting and that you will get lots of people talking at you.

“There will be lots of elements of interactive sessions where we will enable people to get the same feeling of connecting with others and having side conversations. Afterwards, we’re planning to have some accountability sessions for people to really start putting into practice what they’ve learned.”

Inspirational sessions – talks, workshops, essential insights

Lenka has been hosting free training sessions on a range of social media topics in Cambridge Social Media’s Facebook group since the start of lockdown. The virtual conference on 17-18 November will involve a day of talks from expert speakers and a day of workshops where people can learn skills to help them grow their business.

This year’s event, known as #CSMDay2020 is being held in partnership with the ever-growing business community, Shifties.

Shifties founder Alex Hughes said: “Our emphasis is on a holistic approach to business building, where personal growth is as important as scaling business opportunities. Shifties are very proud to be able to support Cambridge Social Media with the Cambridge Social Media Day 2020 online event. Social media platforms are incredible tools for connecting small businesses with their customers and business owners with a wide support network.”

The Shifties’ version of networking is where you can contribute as much or as little as you want, and take as much as you need – for free. If you’re happy to share your professional journey with a strong community of people ready to support you at every level, then theywe’re probably the best place to start.

Tickets for #CSMDay2020 are on sale now at

Here’s a sneak peek of the line-up!

You’ve probably heard already, that our special keynote speaker will be none other than the amazing Daniel Priestley – world-renowned entrepreneur and business growth expert, and author of books such as ‘Oversubscribed’.

Here’s the Day 1 event programme (some minor changes might still happen):

  • 11.00-11.30 am – Welcome and Informal Networking
  • 11.45am-12.00pm – Lenka Koppova (Cambridge Social Media) & Alex Hughes (Shifties) Kick-Off
  • 12.00-1.00pm – Opening Keynote – Vikki Taylor, Customer Experience – Good Experiences Don’t Happen By Chance, You Have To Design For Them
  • 1.00-2.00pm – Keynote – Kenda MacdDonald, The Secrets and Myths to Creating Lead Magnets and building an Engaged List
  • 12.00-2.15pm – Break
  • 2.15-3.00pm – Intention Setting Break (Facilitated session)
  • 3.00-4.00pm – Special Guest Keynote – Daniel Priestly, How to Use Social Media to get Oversubscribed
  • 4.00-5.00pm – Keynote – Andy Lambert – The Social Media Changes That You Need to Know
  • 5.00–5.15 pm – Power Talk – Alex Hughes, Connect. Learn. Grow
  • 5.15-6.00pm – Panel Discussion with Ed Goodman, Freelance Heroes | Joe Glover, The Marketing Meetup | Alex Hughes, Shifties | Lenka Koppova, Cambridge Social Media | Lucy Hall, Digital Women and Social Day UK discussing The Power of Communities on Social Media
  • 6.00-7.00pm – Informal Networking for embedding knowledge from the day
  • 7.00-9.00pm – Drinks and Entertainment

On Day 2, 18 November, we’ll have a selection of Workshops and Hands-On Interactive Q&A Sessions running simultaneously. You’ll be able to pick a few to join in real-time and rewatch all the rest afterwards.

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads & E-commerce
  • Content Planning
  • Video and YouTube
  • Facebook Groups
  • Customer Personas
  • and a lot more…

Are you a business owner who wants to leverage the real power of social media to benefit and grow your business, or a marketing professional looking to ‘top up’ your skills and knowledge? Then #CSMDay2020 is for you!

Your ticket to the two-day online event also gives you access to any of the content from the two days as downloadable files for future reference or in case you miss anything on the days.