Do you need to solve your skills problem?

August 20, 2019

Key businesses across Cambridgeshire will gather at Huntingdon Racecourse next month to discover how they can attract, lead and retain the talented individuals they need to remain competitive and equipped for growth.

The latest labour market facts, figures and forecasts predict worrying trends for business, which traditional thinking around people management will not solve.

Statistics show that businesses are already feeling a squeeze on talent. The British Chambers of Commerce say that recruitment and retention of people with the right skill set is currently the number one business issue for UK firms and is expected to continue to be for the foreseeable future.

To help address this, the Chambers’ HR and Recruitment Sector has launched a War for Talent series of events designed to help businesses develop clear recruitment and retention strategies that will not only develop talent from within but also deter those most valuable assets from moving on.

Our first session, Attracting Talent on 17 September, is an opportunity for you to hear from experts in the recruitment industry about the formulas they are successfully deploying in these difficult times and specialists from the people sector will unravel new ways of approaching labour market problems.

Nicky Cockerill, an Employment Solicitor at Buckles Solicitors LLP and Chair of the Chambers’ HR & Recruitment sector, said: “Many businesses are experiencing difficulties in attracting and retaining talented individuals within their workplaces. The cost of recruitment is significant both in terms of the time invested in recruiting and training candidates and the financial cost associated with this. As such, this combined with the low levels of unemployment means it is really important for businesses to ensure that they are appealing to the right candidates. It is also important that once talented individuals are recruited, businesses need to ensure they are engaging with their staff and retaining them.”

Leading Talent on Wednesday 16 October explores how smart leadership, engagement and motivation can achieve better business outcomes. Retaining Talent on Tuesday 12 November, will hear from experts as they share their strategies for inspiring employees to give their best performance as retaining key employees is critical to the long-term health and success of your business.

After each session you’ll leave with a toolkit of new ideas and techniques to pilot and implement in your business.

The workshops are suited to all business sectors in the SME arena and aimed at Business Owners, Managers, Decision Makers, Leaders and anyone responsible for people in the workplace. ‘Attracting Talent’ takes place at Huntingdon Racecourse from 9.30am-12.00pm on Tuesday 17 September. Cost: £30.00 (plus VAT) Chamber members, £40.00 (plus VAT) non-Chamber members. To book or find out more please call Helen Bosett on 01733 370809 or email 

Special offer: if your company books all three sessions in one go you will receive a free ticket for the ‘Go Networking Go Racing’ event on 12 November.