Halloween Pumpkin Hunt – The New Trick or Treating

October 21, 2020

Trick or treating is going to be very different this year, much to the upset of many who celebrate, who were pleased it is taking place on a Saturday. Beacon Wealth Management have jumped in with an alternative that locals are all looking forward to.

Taking place Saturday 24 October to Sunday 1 November 2020 (over school half term), Beacon Wealth Management have been busy organising a fun event for the local community of Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire.

All local businesses and homes have been invited to take part in a local Pumpkin Hunt.

The idea? To place a picture of a pumpkin in windows ready for children (big and small) to find on their daily walks.

“We have no idea what Covid restrictions will be in place from one day to the next, but we know from our own team’s children how excited they are about Halloween, and the disappointment that will be brought about if they are unable to go trick or treating. Beacon introduced the idea to Kimbolton and it was instantly embraced with all the village high street taking part as well as many homes. It has been so popular we even have a poll running on a closed village Facebook group, highlighting all the streets taking part so the children know where to go on their walks.

“We have heard many parents saying that they are going to go out for a walk during that week and put a sweet into their child’s basket for every pumpkin that they find.” commented Katie and Natasha who run Beacons marketing department.

Tony Larkins, Managing Director, commented: “Community is a big focus for us here at Beacon and if anything, the pandemic shows how important these fun free events are for our community. It is stressful for many during this time and if we can provide a little bit of light relief then I am all for it. I know the team have some more great events planned for the rest of the year too.”