Local Entrepreneur Reaches £1m Milestone

January 17, 2020

In 2016, exploring further growth and diversification opportunities, the Mick George Group led a unique talent search, encouraging local entrepreneurs with what they believed to be ‘excellent business propositions’ to come forward for assistance.

One gentleman who did just that was 46-year-old Ian Cleaver of Colne near St Ives in Cambridgeshire, and two years on, Ian heads up a reputable Telecoms division within the construction brand.

Keen to follow in his father’s footsteps, who himself worked in the Telecoms industry for over 45-years with British Telecom (BT), Ian approached the Mick George Group in anticipation that the Company could utilise its experience in realising the full potential of his telephony venture.

And that, they certainly have. The Telecoms division is on target to record turnover that surpasses £1m this year, servicing 200 individual businesses – a fantastic achievement when you consider this start-up business only commenced three-years back.

It’s impressive client list spans five local counties, incorporating businesses whose revenue is between £500,000 and £10million per annum and covers a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, education and recruitment, to name just a few.

A fundamental part of the initial strategy was to convert the mindset of prospective clients to accept that the Mick George Group which is traditionally associated with all thing’s construction, now offers a Telecoms service. Undoubtedly, this objective is far from complete but significant progress has been made and evidenced in the sheer volume of clients already onboard.

So, what’s the initiative all about I hear you ask?

In a market place that is ever changing due to technological innovation, security concerns and employee growth, Ian’s vision to transform the way that organisations manage their telecommunication requirements, could be a timely one.

The world of telephony is currently undergoing major change courtesy of the impending 2025 closure of the ISDN and PSTN infrastructure, which is precisely where Ian’s telephony dream offers genuine benefit.

Mick George Telecoms is all about data connectivity and ‘Hosted Voice Telephony’ which in simplistic terms means that the system is internet based, opposed to physical phone lines.

Given that there is still 70 per cent of the UK market having not yet switched to a cloud-based solution and there are aspirations of 80 per cent of all companies migrating before 2025, Ian has certainly identified a real opportunity that offers reasoning as to why the start-up may have been so productive in its relative infancy.

If any further justification was required, research indicates that 44 per cent of operators plan to increase tech spend during 2020, with cloud initiatives set to account for 70 per cent of a firm’s tech budget.

‘Hosted, VoIP and Cloud Based’ are all part of a new revolution that encourages ‘Unified Collaboration’, permitting access to business phone systems from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Some may argue that this is all technical jargon, that it can be provided by many other operators and that it isn’t something entirely new, which is all strictly correct. However, it’s the method in which Mick George Telecoms delivers the solution that has contributed to their rapid success, distinguishing them from their counterparts.

Whereby most operators provide a SAAS model (software as a service) which is effectively a monthly rental / perpetual license that exists forever, Mick George Telecoms break the mould with their Lifetime License ownership model.

The financial benefits are two-fold. The customer reduces their current rental costs immediately, but more importantly, once the solution is paid for, a further drop can be experienced – guaranteeing significant long-term savings.

And then there’s the service aspect, which is where Mick George Telecoms really separate themselves from other providers.

As with all sustainably, successful businesses, Mick George Telecoms are firm believers in putting the customer first, providing a fantastic service and experience, hence the inclusion of site surveys, installation, on-site training and aftersales as standard, within all partnerships.

In an era where some of the above is taken as a given, it’s hard to believe that many Telecoms operators are still posting out hardware and asking clients to set-up themselves, which as you can imagine, has the potential to create a lengthy list of problems.

All of those worries, stresses and anxieties are eradicated with Mick George Telecoms. They recognise the integral part that the ‘phone system’ and communication plays within business, which is why they go the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction.

Taking all of this into consideration, as well as their developing mobile offerings which provides exceptional sim only deals, it’s easy to see why Ian is confident that Mick George Telecoms will dwarf existing figures in the future, aiming to have 1000 customers on their books within just five-years.