Mick George give grant to Fen Drayton Park

March 18, 2020

The younger residents amongst the Fen Drayton community will be glad to learn of a significant upgrade that has been completed to the playground facility located at the recreation ground on Cootes Lane.

Courtesy of a £29,581 grant from local construction specialists, the Mick George Group, Fen Drayton Parish Council has been able to action calls from the village population to address the compromised surface safety at the park, while installing a raft of new play equipment.

Fifty per cent of respondents to a survey which was conducted by households in the area recognised the playground to be one of the most utilised facilities in the village, and in doing so also advised of various needs for improvements – identifying a lack of apparatus variation and a number of potential hazards as the main problems.

The 200 visitors that attend the park amenity each week will be able to experience new features such as a nest swing, cradle swing, spinner and aerial zip-wire runway.

Originally created in the 1970’s, the park is considered a key part of the community, a hub for social gatherings and cohesion. It is anticipated that the recent upgrades should encourage more use by all age-groups, thus depressing anti-social behaviour that has been apparent in the area in recent times.

The Parish Council are responsible for developing, managing and maintaining the village facilities and open spaces.

Gill Parrish, Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer at Fen Drayton Parish Council, said: “The new equipment is making a huge difference to the children in our community, feedback has been very positive. The new surface has made the playground much safer and all additions have only added to the social inclusion within the village. Judging by increased usage of the destination in the week since it reopened, more village children are getting the benefit of outdoor play and making new friends.”