Mick George Group Partnership

October 28, 2019

The Mick George Group was established in Cambridgeshire almost 40-years ago, and to the day, remains a fundamental contributor to the positive economic status that the county endeavours to build.

The Company operates from 39 separate locations in the region and continues to be an instrumental player in creating the infrastructure that will supplement the anticipated future growth of Cambridgeshire.

Employing more the 1,200 local staff, the Construction brand specialises in Aggregate and concrete supply, waste management and a breadth of other contracted services, many of which have been utilised across the county on high-profile projects; such as the current £21bn A14 Highway Improvement scheme.

Joining Cambridge Ahead, the business and academic member organisation dedicated to the successful growth of Cambridge and its region in the long-term, represents a fantastic opportunity for the Mick George Group to collaborate with some of Cambridgeshire’s most influential organisations, to realise a brighter vision for the city.

In consideration of the key objectives set out by Cambridge Ahead; specifically around sustainable growth, housing, technology, skills, transport and how quality of life impacts the multitudes of ways in which people live work and play, the member acquisition of the Mick George Group could be a valuable one given the many disciplines in which the company engage.

Michael George, Managing Director at the Mick George Group, commented: “The proactive work and research that is being conducted by Cambridge Ahead should be commended, as it will be critical in shaping the city’s business and academic community. Some of their findings to date are staggering, and it’s important that these areas are suitably addressed, otherwise there could be severe consequences further down the line.

“We, like many other members supporting the initiative, can have a real influence in ensuring that Cambridge Ahead achieves in making its aims a reality.”