Wyboston Lakes Resort offers staff the chance to switch to renewable energy at home

April 13, 2021

Wyboston Lakes Resort is giving all its team the opportunity to ‘go green’ at home by switching to renewable energy – with a financial incentive as well.

The offer is a result of Wyboston Lakes Resort’s partnership with The Energy Check, energy saving experts who, since June 2020, have been advising the Resort’s management team on energy usage, how to reduce it and become more sustainable. The 380-acre site which includes a hotel, two conference and training venues, spa, golf course and business units operates 100 per cent of the time on renewable energy. The Resort was recently presented with three major awards for the sustainability of its operations and has reduced its carbon footprint by 65% of its total emissions since 2019.

All members of the Wyboston Lakes Resort team who switch to the competitively priced renewable energy will also receive a £20 shopping voucher for completing a dual fuel switch and a £10 voucher for a single fuel switch.

Katherine White, Director of People, said: “The team here are totally committed to finding every opportunity to help us make the site’s operations more sustainable. We thought that, in addition to the other employee benefits we offer, we would give them the chance to make their homes more sustainable as well. Many have already shown keen interest in it.”