Shift Ignite Programme

August 17, 2021

An Entrepreneurial Business Consultancy in Cambridgeshire has developed a programme for young people who may have struggled with formal education and are at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), providing an alternative route to get excited about.

Shift Momentum is an award-winning business with a team dedicated to igniting ideas, launching businesses and accelerating growth of Entrepreneurs through its consultancy and programmes.

Resilience, problem solving, money management and leadership skills are just some of the traits and capabilities that young people can learn and develop through starting a business or exploring self-employment. Founder of Shift Momentum, Alex Hughes said: “Our Ignite Programme exists to captivate and inspire young people who are feeling lost or unsupported by the traditional education system, and through the process of learning how to start a business, we help them to develop valuable life skills.”

The job market is becoming ever more competitive for young people; especially for those who feel disenfranchised or do not want to pursue further or higher education. The Ignite Programme provides a viable alternative that focuses on the strengths and interests of young people, building confidence and entrepreneurial skills to help them either become self-employed or to gain valuable work experience.

Alex Hughes, the creator of the Ignite Programme, became a dad at the early age of 14; an experience made more daunting by those who told him that his career chances were ruined and that he would not amount to anything. However, Alex went on to forge his own path and has since been involved in starting 12 businesses, whilst supporting well over 1000 micro businesses through Shifties – the community he founded.

Ignite is the start of a legacy for young people who are at risk of falling out of the education system, through whatever circumstance, to provide them with the skills, and more importantly, the ability to pursue a career as an entrepreneur where they can take charge of their futures.

Working in partnership with organisations including Form the Future CIC, Cambridge City Council, Marshall Centre and Shifties, Shift Momentum is striving to provide creative solutions to tackle the rising youth unemployment rate, enabling the next generation to take ownership of their future through entrepreneurial projects.

Shift Momentum has a limited number of free places on the Ignite Programme for young people who are not in education, employment or training.

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