Webtec expands its operation in Europe

November 10, 2020

Since its formation in 2019 Webtec (Europe) GmbH has gone from strength-to-strength and is now making its next strategic move to best serve the company’s European customers.

The European operation based in Leverkusen, in the Nord-Rhein Westphalia region of Germany is moving into larger premises which in addition to expanding its office space will also offer extra capacity to receive, store and ship goods to all customers in Europe.

Alongside this move, the company will be migrating its’ French operation into Webtec (Europe) and all French speaking customers from countries including France, Belgium, Luxembourg and west-Switzerland will now be working with the Leverkusen based operation.

French speaking customers can be reassured that, as before, all customer communication will be conducted in French by the existing French speaking team, including sales manager Jérôme Lesoin. This team will be joined by the current European team lead by Patrick Neubert and sales and Engineering support will also still be available from the UK teams when needed. All supporting technical information and the website will still be available in French.

“Having a base in central Europe is a positive business decision which will strengthen the service that we can offer to all our European customers”, commented Martin Cuthbert, Webtec’s Managing Director. “This change to our French speaking customers will be a seamless transition and while there is still some uncertainty surrounding Brexit this expansion can only help to eliminate any disruption to our customers in central Europe.”