Webtec launches new high-accuracy hydraulic flow divider-combiner valve ideal for heavy-duty applications

November 2, 2020

Webtec a specialist manufacturer of hydraulic measurement and control products, has unveiled a new high-accuracy hydraulic flow divider-combiner valve called the FDC140. Ideal for driving two cylinders or motors in close unison regardless of individual loads or flow direction, this high-flow spool valve is the big brother of the current FDC60. The ‘140’ in the name indicates a larger flow capacity of 140 lpm (37 gpm) and above, making it perfect for large heavy-duty applications such as container handling systems, large-capacity forklifts, skip handling, synchronised crawler drives, loading ramps and mining machinery to list but a few.

FDC140 valves can divide a single flow into two separate flows. These will always be in the same ratio to one another regardless of any pressure differential (unequal load). The FDC140 delivers a best-in-market divisional accuracy of ±1.5%. Indeed, accuracy in this range makes it competitive with some gear flow divider products at a fraction of the price. If required, a single flow can also be divided into two unequal flows, with split ratios extending from 10-90 per cent (in 10% increments).

Another advantage of the three-port FDC140 is its high-pressure capability, with maximum working pressure rated at 350 bar (5000 psi).

The FDC140 offers pressure compensation in both forward and reverse flow so the valve is fully bi-directional. If the flow is reversed, such as on the return stroke of two cylinders, the return flows are maintained at the same ratio to each other and combined in a single flow, again regardless of individual loads on the cylinders.

Featuring a robust SG iron body, hardened steel components and NBR seals, the FDC140 can be used with HLP mineral and synthetic oils, as well as HFC fire-retardant fluids. Operating fluid temperatures extend from -30 to +100°C (-22 to +212°F).

Port options include BSPP (1” with ¾”; and ¾” with ½”), SAE (#16 with #12; and #12 with #8) and metric (M33 with M27; and M27 with M22). Weighing 6 kg, the FDC140 features external dimensions of 175 by 96 by 65 mm (length, width, depth) and is secured via three bolt holes.

Importantly, Webtec is offering short lead-time availability for the FDC140.  Further information can be downloaded at https://en.webtec.com/products/HFCVHFDC.