Tablet computers, robots and self-check-in all helping Wyboston Lakes Resort to add new dimensions to customer service

November 4, 2022

From self-service drinks in bars to online booking, from tablet computers for ordering to robot vacuum cleaners, waiters and lawn mowers, monthly automation meetings at Wyboston Lakes Resort have been highly productive in coming up with new ideas.

In the brasserie, the bars, and bedrooms, in the spa, the meeting rooms and on the golf course, a wide range of technology has helped to introduce new ways to enhance customer service and support the Resort’s teams.

Steve Jones, Managing Director of Wyboston Lakes Resort, says: “For several years now we’ve been looking closely at how automation can support our teams and enhance the guest experience, and we have introduced 23 initiatives, both visible and invisible, across the site.

“Our automation team which meets monthly continue to look at new ideas from all around the world and have come up with quite a few more interesting ideas that we are exploring.

“As a nation, we have increasingly higher expectations of customer service, especially from a resort like this where service is the essence of what we provide, so we are determined to keep ahead.

“We’ve also recognised that technology can help to make the roles of our team more satisfying, giving them more time to spend with guests.”