What's happened so far





In the first stage of the Local Skills Improvement Plan, Cambridgeshire Chambers were tasked with:


Engaging the region

Recognising the valuable input different kinds of stakeholders can offer, Cambridgeshire Chambers opened our LSIP events and skills survey to everyone in the region.

From individuals who could share their experience of understanding the skills they need for their careers; to the views of small employers looking to recruit and expand their business.

Alongside talking directly to employers, local government representatives and third sector organisations, we have formed strong groups of stakeholders, including:

  • Education providers.
  • Business representative organisations (who bring the views of thousands of businesses within the region).
  • LSIP Advisory Group (including representatives from employers, education providers and third sector organisations).


Spreading the word

A vital part of the project is to ensure the skills challenges faced by employers of all shapes and sizes are captured.

To raise awareness of the project and encourage participation, Cambridgeshire Chambers promoted the opportunity for employers to contribute to the LSIP at events across the region. Including:

  • Cambridgeshire United and Peterborough United football matches
  • Informal networking events
  • Skill conferences
  • Business fairs
  • Careers fairs


Starting the conversation

To allow everyone the opportunity to contribute, we created an online skills survey and also gathered insights via paper surveys at in person events. To date we have insights from more than 300 responses.

We also held 12 events, which were ran across the region, in order to bring together the views of all kinds of stakeholders. Through this, more than 135 attendees shared their insights on the region’s skills needs, best practice and challenges.

What's next?


Once approved by the DfE, we will publish the report for anyone to access.

But the report isn’t the end of the LSIP for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough… We are currently working to shape the next phase of the project and will share more information about how you can get involved soon!


To find out more about what comes next, click here to see our LSIP page!

Past events

See our LSIP page for more information about the project!