Businesses help Peterborough Cathedral with dinosaur challenge

July 7, 2022

Installing a collection of large model dinosaurs in a 900-year-old cathedral was always going to be a challenge, especially as many of them are animatronic and require a supply of compressed air to activate their movement and sound.

So one of the first steps the Peterborough Cathedral team took when planning to host the Natural History Museum’s T.rex: the Killer Question exhibition was to approach companies in the city who might be willing to help.

Step forward Anglian Compressors & Equipment Ltd, the Peterborough-based company who are the main sponsors of the exhibition at the Cathedral. Using their expertise, they identified exactly the right compressor to suit the Cathedral location and the Natural History Museum’s specification. The machine will soon be on site and supplying power to all the animatronic dinosaurs in the exhibition, which opens to the public on Monday 18 July 2022, from 12.00pm.

Anglian Compressors are not the only company to offer practical support. Aspray Peterborough, Optimum Electrics Ltd and Gap Lifting are all loaning equipment needed for the installation, and Elite Electrical are helping with the lighting. The Peterborough School are sponsoring one of the dinosaurs (the Ankylosaurus) and Henson Crisp, Speed Agency and Ecclesiastical have all reaffirmed the support they originally offered when the exhibition was scheduled for 2020.

The Very Revd Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough, said: “We are enormously grateful to the businesses who are supporting the Cathedral in bringing this world class exhibition of dinosaurs to Peterborough. Their willingness to share their expertise and equipment, and join with us in staging this ambitious and exciting exhibition here is very heartening. We can’t wait to see the whole exhibition in situ soon.”

Richard Hewitt, Managing Director of Anglian Compressors, said: “When the request for help first came in from the Cathedral back in 2019, I have to confess that it both surprised and intrigued me. Once we found out the details we have been more than delighted to get involved and we’re very proud that we have been able to source a compressor to fit the bill. It’s a privilege to part of this unusual exhibition and we’re looking forward to seeing it all installed and working.”

T.rex: the Killer Question tackles the monster mystery, was T.rex a ferocious hunter or a mere scavenger? Visitors are invited to take a closer look at its size, the power in its legs, the length of its arms, the sharpness of its teeth and its keen sense of smell. Was it best suited to catching and slaughtering live prey or to stealing carcasses? Compare it to the other dinosaurs in the exhibition and make up your own mind.

Entry to the exhibition is by timed ticket. They are £6.00 for children, £8.00 for adults or £25.00 for a family (2 adults and up to 3 children or 1 adult and up to 4 children), available via