Can you get involved with The Big Build 2020?

September 8, 2020

The social enterprise Up The Garden Bath has been challenged by the environmental charity PECT to transform an underused area of green space, in the west of Peterborough, into a new garden. The aim is to create a multi-use area that can be used to grow produce, host educational workshops, and attract wildlife.

The plan is for the garden to include innovative vertical planters to make the most of the available space. There will also be bathtub planters to create growing areas at a height that is easily accessible for all volunteers and children.

Stuart Dawks, Director of Operations at PECT, said: “We really want to demonstrate how unwanted materials can be given a new lease of life and become useful, rather than just being discarded and sent to landfill. We also want to create a community growing area that shows how everyone can create a garden with just the smallest of budgets.”

PECT is a grassroots organisation that educates, inspires, and motivates individuals and organisations to change their behaviour to deliver a positive environmental impact. The charity specialises in using eco education and awareness-raising to encourage behaviour change and collective action.

The organisation approached Up The Garden Bath about transforming the area, knowing the social enterprise’s reputation for taking old and discarded materials and upcycling them into ready made garden planters and accessories. Up The Garden Bath strives to use 100% recycled and unwanted materials to give them a new lease of life and for environmental benefit.

“Our aim is to renovate the area using only recycled, unwanted, donated materials and with the help and support of willing volunteers,” explains Dave Poulton, Founder of Up The Garden Bath. “We want to prove that – with a little creativity, imagination and a collaborative approach – gardening can be accessible and affordable for everyone.”

The social enterprise is calling for volunteers and donations of materials for the project. If you’d like to get involved, please contact Up The Garden Bath via or online at

For more information about PECT, visit