DR. Martens launches Genix Nappa Collection made from reclaimed leather, in partnership with Gen Phoenix

May 17, 2024

In March, Dr. Martens launches its latest innovative Genix Nappa collection made from reclaimed leather from Gen Phoenix, the world’s first sustainable recycled leather company at scale. The collection aims to tackle waste by rescuing leather offcuts that would otherwise be destined for landfill and uses them to create a soft yet durable new material.

To create the Genix Nappa material, Dr. Martens worked with Gen Phoenix to leverage the company’s groundbreaking technology, which breaks waste leather down to the fibre level and then uses the power of recycled water to rebuild it into a premium and durable recycled material.

“We are excited to join forces with Dr. Martens on the first sustainable re-make of its most iconic boot styles. This partnership is proof that heritage brands can implement circular models that benefit the planet without changing the integrity of the product, bringing high-quality shoes responsibly to market for everyone to enjoy.”
          – John Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Gen Phoenix

Durability is a hallmark of all Dr. Martens’ products, which have been Made Strong since 1960, and Gen Phoenix’s 15-year legacy of producing durable, high-performing recycled material innovations for the aviation, rail and bus industries has positioned the company to now have an impact in fashion and footwear. This shared commitment to creating durable, long-lasting, sustainability-made products is one of the many reasons Dr. Martens selected Gen Phoenix as a strategic material partner to bring its vision to life.

Reclaimed leather. Remade to last.

Genix Nappa is redefining strength by giving wearers a more sustainable alternative to traditional leather. The new material has a lower carbon impact than traditional leather and is specially engineered to make sure it’s just as durable, comfortable, and long-lasting as the original brand icons we know and love.

The leather offcuts are taken from tanneries and put through Gen Phoenix’s proprietary process to separate the leather fibres before re-entangling them, producing a roll of re-engineered, reclaimed leather which is then used to manufacture the footwear. The Genix Nappa material contains over 50% waste leather.

Top to bottom, the Gen Phoenix’s process is environmentally responsible – it’s powered by 100% renewable electricity and the brand recycles 95% of water in production – and enables circular material production with the scale necessary to make a true impact. For both brands, sustainability through longevity is a key focus and Gen Phoenix is thrilled to support Dr. Martens as it takes the next step in its journey to create durable, lower-impact footwear that will help support a more sustainable future.

The new collection will feature remakes of Dr. Martens’ best-selling original footwear.

  • Dr. Martens 1460 Lace-Up Boot – RRP £170
  • Dr. Martens 1461 3-Eye Shoe – RRP £140
  • Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea Boot – RRP £170

Genix Nappa will launch on the 26th March 2024 and will be available to purchase
from: www.drmartens.com/genix-nappa

A commitment to lower impact, long lasting footwear.
“The sustainability challenges of today are complex, and circular business models are one of them. At DM’s, we have been taking steps forward in our journey towards circularity, and Genix Nappa is a great example of one of them. It demonstrates that waste is a valuable resource and shows how we can think differently about our products into the future. We can’t wait to hear what our wearers think!” 
          —Tuze Mekik Arguedas Schwank, Global Head of Sustainability at Dr. Martens

“It’s been a fantastic experience to create and now launch this collection. Our teams have learnt an incredible amount during this process as we move towards creating a more sustainable future for our brand. The innovation around this new material is pretty special, and we’ve challenged ourselves at every step of the process to ensure the durability Dr. Martens are so famous for isn’t compromised.”
          — Adam Meek, Chief Product Officer at Dr Martens

Dr. Martens’ launch in partnership with Gen Phoenix demonstrates the two UK-brands’ shared commitment to sustainability, and follows Dr. Martens’ strategic investment in Gen Phoenix in 2023. This also marks Gen Phoenix’s second partnership with a heritage fashion brand to develop more eco-conscious offerings, while still maintaining the same quality and luxury customers have grown to love. Last April, Gen Phoenix supported the launch of Coach’s first circular sub-brand, Coachtopia, to integrate its material innovation into the brand’s circular line of handbags and leather goods.


Gen Phoenix is delivering a new generation of materials for the next era of sustainability. Through a revolutionary circular process that earned the brand recognition as one of Fast Company‘s 2024 Most Innovative Companies, Gen Phoenix rescues leather offcuts destined for landfill and regenerates them into a premium recycled leather material coveted by the world’s most iconic brands for its beauty and durability. Since 2007, Gen Phoenix has diverted thousands of tons of material from landfill. Adaptable to a wide variety of feedstocks, Gen Phoenix’s patented technology platform will make material circularity possible at an epic scale. For more information, please visit http://www.genphoenix.com.


The first pair of Dr. Martens boots rolled off the production line on the 1st April 1960. With its trademark yellow stitch, grooved sole and heel-loop, it was a boot for workers, initially worn by postmen and policemen; comfortable, durable and lightweight in comparison to its competitors at the time. Throughout Dr. Martens history, the brand has been adopted and subverted by diverse individuals, musicians, youth cultures and tribes. These are the people who stand out from the crowd and their journey of self-expression has always been accompanied by a pair of DM’s.

The simple silhouette allows people to customise each pair; whilst on a utilitarian level their famous durability and comfort make them ideal footwear for the world of gigs and street fashion. On an emotional level, they are a flag of attitude and empowerment. The Northamptonshire factory where it all began still exists to this day, in the village of Wollaston. A specific range of ‘Made In England’ products are manufactured here by a small, close-knit team of people schooled in traditional shoe-making and a process that hasn’t changed since our first pair six decades ago. For more information, please visit http://www.drmartens.com.