How to ensure the office summer party doesn’t crash and burn!

June 20, 2022

Whether it’s a low-key get together after work (with or without cheese and wine!) or an all-out summer shindig – office parties are back in season.

Many workplaces may have been forced to put their social events on hold, and for some, this year could see the re-introduction of the annual summer party, BBQ or conference.

However, Peterborough-based Anne Corder Recruitment is asking organisations to spare a thought for the HR teams or PAs tasked with organising the event.

Managing director Nel Woolcott said: “We know only too well that colleagues have really missed the social side of working life.

“While some staff may have returned to the office on a full or part time basis, there are many others who continue to work from home with little day to day personal contact with colleagues.

“Christmas and summer have traditionally been times where staff are able to let their hair down, giving employers the opportunity to thank them for their hard work. As we come out of the pandemic, this could be seen as more poignant than in pre-Covid times.

“It’s important however, particularly for those organising any event, that it is more fun in the sun than a case of crash and burn.”

Here are some useful pointers:

  • Make sure your chosen venue is easily accessible to all employees and consider logistics for getting staff to and from the event. An employer’s duty of care towards their employees extends to work functions, so consider arranging discounted local hotel rooms or transport to/from designated locations
  • Check venue dates before releasing the information to staff to avoid disappointment of your desired location being fully booked
  • Invite the whole team, regardless of whether they’re out of the business for whatever reason. Covering all bases is better than inadvertently leaving individuals feeling left out, demotivated or even discriminated against
  • Remind staff about the social media policy and the consequences of posting pictures or other inappropriate material online that could infringe an individual’s rights or bring the business into disrepute
  • Don’t get yourself in a fizz – if you are worried about alcohol-related indiscretions at a more corporate style event consider limiting the amount of alcohol or even make it alcohol-free!
  • Encourage and allow everyone to feel at ease. After such a difficult couple of years, this summer season should be a time of celebration for everyone.