Is it last orders for the virtual after work Friday drink?

February 12, 2021

Rewind almost 12 months and people were excited by the idea of a weekly online office battle of the brains or even the novelty of drinking wine in front of the laptop on a Friday afternoon.

But after almost a year of online quizzes, are you now clueless when it comes to imaginative ways to engage with staff? And as working from home continues, how do you re-ignite a wavering team spirit?

Peterborough recruitment firm, Anne Corder Recruitment, has conducted its own online survey into fun ways in which colleagues choose to engage with each other.

Perhaps not surprisingly, office games – including quizzes and bingo – topped the poll, taking 50 per cent of the vote, with only 30 per cent raising a glass to a Friday afternoon team tipple, and fancy-dress themed meetings and mindfulness sessions trailing with only six per cent each.

However, with unique and eccentric ideas ranging from hiring goats to appear on your Zoom call or performance arts companies paid to ‘appearance bomb’ your get-together, how can companies take their communication to the next level?

Nel Woolcott, recruitment partner at Anne Corder Recruitment, said: “For many, it has almost been a year since working from home became the new normal. In those early days, being away from the office or not being able to communicate face to face with colleagues and employers did take some getting used to, with lots of us trying to find ways in which we could still feel part of a team and supported by our work friends.

“While there is still very much a need for some kind of interaction, it seems that a large number of people have now become comfortable with their remote working situation, have finding alternative ways which work for them when it comes to keeping in touch. As the results of our survey shows, some of the ‘less professional’ activities are no longer as popular.”

She added: “Virtual team activities do not have to be limited to games. With Monday often being the most challenging day of the week, ensuring that morale and motivation are high is important – so how about sharing an uplifting quote, a weekend win or a positive work task you aim to achieve.

“Taking the Friday drinks idea one step further, think about organising events out of work time when people may feel a little more relaxed in a less formal situation. Perhaps set a fun challenge for staff to come up with a new and fresh idea; maybe a virtual pamper evening, wine tasting event or flower arranging session.”

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