Love your local environment this Valentine’s

January 19, 2021

Each year, here in the UK, we spend an estimated £1.45 billion on Valentine’s gifts. For 2021, why not buy your loved one a meaningful gift that will brighten up their day as well as making a difference for future generations?

The environmental charity PECT is offering an eco-friendly gift option this springtime. For just £10 for one or £50 for five, you can gift your loved one with a tree to make a positive difference to the environment. This meaningful present helps to tackle climate change and addresses biodiversity loss in the city.

“The arrival of the global pandemic in 2020 made us all realise that the most important things in life aren’t material goods,” explains PECT’s Director of Operations Stuart Dawks. “Instead, it is about caring for loved ones, making the most of experiences, and helping communities to pull together. That’s why we feel this represents the ideal gift – it’s your chance to give something back to the local environment.”

PECT’s Forest for Peterborough project aims to plant 230,000 trees across Peterborough by 2030. Your purchase will enable the charity to plant and maintain a tree, helping to create a network of wooded areas across the city. Each tree is maintained and protected, allowing it to grow and thrive for generations.

The events of the past year have taught us exactly how much spending time in nature matters. National and regional lockdowns have meant that, more than ever, we have understood how important it is to maintain and develop outdoor spaces to support people’s wellbeing. Spending time in nature is proven to lift our mood, reduce stress, and improve our physical health.

By gifting a tree, you can contribute towards creating a thriving space for the community to enjoy. To buy a tree this Valentine’s, simply visit to donate and then PECT can send you a digital certificate confirming your gift.