The over-50s still have plenty to offer the workplace – says recruiter

May 27, 2021

With research revealing that the pandemic has led to the biggest annual employment fall for the over-50s in four decades, one recruitment says older workers still have plenty to offer.

Experience, life skills, a sound work ethic and confidence are among many qualities that can put older workers in the driving seat – as well as being sought-after traits by employers, says Peterborough-based Anne Corder Recruitment.

This comes on the back of recent research which shows that after almost consistent employment growth for older workers since the mid-1990s, the start of the pandemic led to a 1.4 per centage drop in employment among workers aged 50 to 69.

The study, commissioned by independent think tank Resolution Foundation, which focuses on improving the living standards for those on low to middle incomes, also found that six months after becoming unemployed; just 62 per cent of those aged over 50 had returned to work. This is compared to 74 per cent of 16 to 29-year-olds, and 72 per cent of 30 to 49-year-olds.

Recruitment partner Nel Woolcott from Anne Corder Recruitment said: “The workplace is definitely very different to how it was just over a year ago. Just as we saw an emerging trend for people to work later into life, or even looking for a career change into their Fifties, the pandemic took hold.

“The results of this study, while important, do make harsh reading; but as a recruitment agency we know there is a huge untapped pool of over-50s talent.

“Flexible working and working from home have meant that people have become more personally accountable for their own work/life balance. This flexibility can benefit anyone at any age so should not mean that any age group is overlooked when recruiting into any role. In addition, some older workers may have chosen to channel their skills and experience in a new direction.

“For employers this presents a wealth of benefits; including attracting people with an already sound work ethic, those who have the confidence and experience to take on any task and succeed.

“There is much to be gained mutually for employer and employee. Many bosses are keen to retain and reward staff of a high calibre, regardless of age – and the member of staff can in turn reap the benefits of incentives like flexible working and performance related rewards.”