Why using HubSpot could be the perfect marketing platform for your company

March 23, 2022

If you are looking to ramp up, or even kick start your marketing, then you really need to be using HubSpot.

HubSpot is a full-service marketing and CRM suite to help power marketing efforts and generate qualified, warm leads that are ready to be converted.

Karen McNulty, Operations Director at Peterborough-based PR and digital marketing specialists Media Matters, explains: “HubSpot excels in many areas of marketing automation and offers good reporting features too when it comes to analysing, comparing and improving campaigns.

“It also allows users to partner with companies of all types and sizes to take their inbound marketing efforts to the next level.

“It works by combining a CRM with a marketing platform, which helps harmonise sales and marketing, whilst enabling marketing teams to track lead sources and the lead status right from generation through to a confirmed sale.

“HubSpot can integrate with most CRM systems and provides us with all the tools for successful, joined-up marketing that combines inbound and automated campaigns.”

Karen added: “As a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, Media Matters use this platform to run automated and inbound marketing campaigns for our clients, and ourselves. And it really does work!”

So, if you have heard about HubSpot, but aren’t sure why it takes top spot for many organisations – here’s why it should be in your marketing toolbox:

  • It is an all-in-one platform for marketing allowing partners to run joined-up, meaningful and effective marketing campaigns. From lead scoring to email marketing and landing pages to nurture sequences, HubSpot ensures no opportunity is left unexplored when it comes to lead generation and getting prospective customers into the sales funnel
  • It has a user-friendly interface, and menus are easy to navigate and provide key features to help marketers like us focus on the key parts of inbound marketing – crafting and sharing great content to connect with prospects and enhance the connection they feel to brands, companies and products
  • It provides good analytics. As we know, good marketing is powered by good data tracking and data analysis. When key data is used to make informed decisions – from the best time to send an email to content types that gain the most views and time on page – it is possible to tweak marketing efforts and create best practices that work. You may not get the fine-tuned details that you find in Google Analytics, but oftentimes these finite details are not used by marketing teams and the analytics tools offered by HubSpot on each of the channels supports marketers in the day-to-day decisions they need to make to inform planning. Perfect for avoiding those data rabbit holes!
  • HubSpot can improve your conversion rate optimisation – or CRO for short – which can transform the number of leads you’re seeing drop into your inbox from your website. It’s drag and drop landing page functionality gives marketers the opportunity to create, test and optimise user-friendly, informative, engaging landing pages without relying on developers or web teams to add these pages to the website
  • It helps schedule and manage content and social – ensure that the right content is shared at the right time, on the right platform and to the right campaign.