Dr Amina Wakefield

Founder and Chief Executive of Cambridge Worldwide Academy

Dr Amina Wakefield is Founder and Chief Executive of Cambridge Worldwide Academy, Vice Chair of Technical Vocational Education and Training UK (TVET UK), President of Ecole Superieure de Business Berrechid, Chair of International Relations at the Egyptian Healthcare Society and Trade Advisor at the British-Tajik Chamber of Commerce.

Dr Wakefield is a multi-award winner in international business development, enterprise and export of British education. She holds 18 awards amongst which awards for research in international education, EU awards for innovation in curriculum design, the G8 UK Award for Women in Business granted for outstanding achievements over 20 years and the development of partnerships in education between the UK and the MENA countries, the Saphira Award in leadership and enterprise from the Moroccan government, Newcastle University Alumni Impact Award 2021 presented to her in recognition of the significant and valuable impact she made over the last 30 years on education worldwide and most recently the Woman Who Achieves Award 2022.

Dr Wakefield has over 34 years’ experience in the creation and improvement of education opportunities for girls and women, widening access to British education overseas by making it affordable, supporting women and young people to gain employment through assisting them to set up their own businesses in education, development of education systems and international trade through the establishment of business/ education partnerships between the UK, MENA, ASIA and FAR EAST. With the support of Dr Wakefield, over 300 education programmes and institutions were developed in 22 countries. As an Ambassador for export and British education, Dr Wakefield provides bespoke services to international government agencies, businesses and individuals interested in setting up British education institutions in their countries or use Cambridge Worldwide Academy school franchise system as a Turnkey solution