Stephanie Creasey

Solicitor and Partner at Taylor Rose MW

Stephanie Creasey is a solicitor and partner at Taylor Rose MW, based in their Peterborough office, specialising in advising businesses on a range of corporate, commercial and finance matters.

Having trained in the South East, I have experience advising businesses from start-ups and sole traders, SMEs, charities, national and international companies and am passionate about building long-term relationships with clients and professionals, working with businesses and seeing them grow and evolve. My work is varied and I advise clients on restructuring, sales and mergers, contracts, shareholder agreements, loan agreements and related security, and corporate finance matters. Having relocated back to the Peterborough area in 2018 to build the corporate offering at Taylor Rose MW locally, I have worked hard to build a strong and loyal client base whilst raising a young family, and have a deep understanding of how important it is to build relationships with the local business community and to become a trusted advisor, which I aim to share with my wider network.

I am committed to raising the profile of women juggling careers and family – this applies across the business spectrum, not just in my specific industry sector – and I am proud to have been shortlisted for Solicitor of the Year 2022 in the recent Next 100 Years Inspirational Women in Law awards, which recognises the contributions and successes of women in the legal profession, raising awareness of the history and inspiring the next generation of women lawyers.

I am always looking for ways to support people – be that clients, referrers or other professionals – and take time to get to know people I meet and understand what their needs are, and what makes them tick, in order to introduce them to others in my network who may be able to provide guidance and support either through services offered, experience of similar challenges or having specific expertise or knowledge.

Taylor Rose MW is a top 60 national law firm offering a full range of legal services to support businesses and individuals in all areas of their lives. We have a 100-year+ heritage and a unique management structure which allows us to focus on delivering smart, modern law to our clients. Our vision as a firm is simple, we aim to provide clear advice putting our client’s interests first, building trusted relationships to overcome challenges in life and business and adopt a culture of passion, innovation and creativity.