Stuart Searle

Chair of Huntingdonshire Chambers of Commerce
Manager of The First Mailing Co Ltd

As an owner of a business, an active exporter, an education advisor and employer of people for over 25 years, I feel confident to offer my experience and knowledge to others. Having started and sold two businesses, three current companies and having had one business fail I’ve learnt a lot on the way. Reaching a milestone ’50’ years I wanted to start giving back.

Joining the Chamber and being an active part of the Huntingdonshire Committee has been an interesting step towards taking the Chair role and ‘making a difference’ is the reason I’ve stepped up to the challenge.

Acting on behalf of a diverse range of members brings its own issues as we all need support and representation in different ways. Listening and providing a voice for the members is important. The benefits of membership are not limited to those advertised. It should also be about what those members need. So I encourage the members to put me to the test, what can we do for you?